June 17, 2013

New York Managed Long Term Care Enrollment Hits 100,000

At its recent meeting on June 13, 2013, the N.Y.S. Department of Health Medicaid Managed Care Advisory Review Panel (MMCARP) was updated about enrollment in Managed Long Term Care.  DOH staff announced that enrollment across the state in 3 types of managed long term care plans has crested the 100,000 mark.  The partial caps, PACE and MAP are the 3 types of Plans available to those who are Medicaid and Medicare eligible, over 21, and in need of more than 120 days of community based long term care services.  Enrollment is now mandatory in New York City, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester.  Notice letters will be going to residents of Orange and Rockland Counties this week.  In December 2013, DOH will begin mandatory enrollment in Albany, Erie, Monroe and Onondaga Counties.  There are currently 24 partial cap plans, 8 PACE plans and 10 MAP plans approved to operate in various counties throughout the state.  With mandatory enrollment beginning last September in NYC, this Medicaid program has doubled in size.

This post was contributed by Carla Williams.