January 8, 2013

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies in Nursing Homes and Adult Homes on Senate Agenda

The New York State Senate Health Committee will consider a bill that may ultimately require nursing homes, adult homes, senior centers, and other residential health care facilities to use environmentally-sensitive cleaning and maintenance products.  Senator Diaz will introduce the bill on January 9.

The bill, S.866-2013, would require the Commissioner of Health to create “guidelines and specifications” for the use of environmentally-sensitive cleaning supplies in covered facilities, which include nursing homes and adult care facilities.  § 1.  The act would become part of the Public Health Law and would be effective as of September 1st after the date the bill passes.  § 2.  The Department of Health would have to consult federal and other relevant environmental guidance documents concerning such supplies before issuing any guidelines.  § 1.

Covered facilities would be allowed to use whatever cleaning and maintenance supplies they have already purchased before purchasing supplies that meet the Commissioner’s guidelines.  § 1.  Further, the Department of Health would have to issue a report analyzing the impact of these guidelines by June 1, 2016.  § 1.

A copy of the bill is available here.

Caitlin Monjeau contributed this post.