New York State’s Efforts to Reform Out-of-Network Payments

The New York State Legislature introduced a bill (S.5068A/A.7489B) to address benefit coverage for out-of-network care by health insurers.  The stated purpose of the bill is to protect enrollees that purchase premiums to permit choice and cover the cost of treatment by out-of-network providers, but who are still faced with sometimes expensive and unexpected out […]

OIG Releases Report on Medicaid Rates for New York State-Operated Developmental Centers

The Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) released a report yesterday based on its review of the reimbursement rates for New York State-operated developmental centers.   The report found that the Medicaid daily rate for state-operated developmental centers was inflated, and that New York State (State) received $700 million more in federal funding in fiscal year 2009 […]

Gov. Cuomo Releases Proposed Regulations to Limit Executive Compensation and Administrative Costs for State-Funded Providers

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the release of proposed regulations to limit spending for administrative costs and executive compensation at state-funded not-for-profit and for-profit service providers. The press release from Governor Cuomo’s office, along with a link to an example of one of the proposed multi-agency regulations, can be found here. Related Post: Cuomo […]

OMIG 2012-2013 Work Plan: A Brief Overview

“Fighting Fraud.  Improving Integrity and Quality.  Saving Taxpayer Dollars.” This phrase appears on each page of the newly released New York State Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) State Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Work Plan. On the Executive Summary page, the OMIG’s stated mission is to “enhance the integrity of the New York State Medicaid […]

NYS Department of Health to Streamline CON Approval Process

The Public Health and Health Planning Council (PHHPC) announced on Thursday, May 10, that the New York State Department of Health (DOH) will begin to streamline its process for approving Certificates of Need (CON).  The Committee was careful to note that this plan is still evolving—it is not yet clear how the cost and financial […]

Gov. Cuomo Proposes New Agency to Protect New Yorkers with Special Needs

On Monday, May 7, Governor Cuomo proposed legislation for a new agency to protect New Yorkers with special needs.  If the legislature approves of the bill, called the “Protection of People with Special Needs Act,” the proposed Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs would be up and running by April 1, […]

AG’s Leadership Committee on Nonprofit Revitalization Proposes Less Bureaucracy and More Transparency for NY Nonprofits

On February 16, 2012, the New York Attorney General’s Office released the recommendations of the Leadership Committee for Nonprofit Revitalization.  The report recommended numerous regulatory changes.  In an effort to make New York a more hospitable environment for nonprofits, the proposals seek to lift the archaic administrative and financial burdens placed on these organizations while […]

New York State Department of Health Publishes Requests for Applications for Certified Home Health Agencies

On Thursday, January 26, 2012, the New York State Department of Health, Division of Home and Community Based Services, issued a Request for Applications (RFA) for organizations interested in becoming established as a certified home health agency (CHHA), pursuant to recently adopted regulations at 10 NYCRR Section 760.5(l). The RFA is available on the DOH […]

Introducing our Trusts, Estates, and Elder Law Department

The Trusts, Estates, and Elder Law Department of O’Connell and Aronowitz recently published the inaugural issue of its newsletter. The newsletter will be published on a quarterly basis in order to provide updates on developing issues concerning estate planning, estate  administration, and elder law. In addition to discussing changing areas of the law, the newsletter […]

2011: The Year for Health Care Fraud Prosecutions

Federal prosecutions for health care fraud are on the rise.  Statistics gathered for a recent study show that the U.S. Department of Justice has already commenced 903 health care fraud prosecutions in 2011.  Last year, federal prosecutors launched a total of 731 such cases.  If this pace continues, 2011 will see an 85% increase in […]