Are you a business that has had a data breach? Will your customers be able to sue you?

Class actions for damages resulting from a data breach are difficult to succeed upon unless there is an identifiable harm.  Once again a court has determined that the mere loss of data is not sufficient to confer standing (Chambliss v. CareFirst, Inc.,  No. RDB-15-2288 [D. MD., May 27, 2016]).  With the decision in Chambliss, Maryland […]

New Nurse Practitioner Rule on Track

The New York State Education Department (“SED”) issued a proposed rule to allow nurse practitioners (“NPs”) with 3,600 hours of experience to have collaborative agreements with hospitals, as opposed to individual physicians.  We wrote about the amendment to the Education Law in April of this year.  This first notice of proposed rulemaking appears to put […]

Experienced Nurse Practitioners Will Have More Flexibility with Collaborators in 2015

There’s some cautiously good news for nurse practitioners in New York State: nurse practitioners with about two years of experience will no longer have to complete written practice agreements with physicians, beginning in 2015.  Instead, experienced nurse practitioners will need to have a “collaborative relationship” with either a physician in the nurse practitioner’s specialty or […]