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Pitfalls of an Inventory Case in Criminal Prosecution

Two recent Medicaid and Medicare fraud prosecutions from the New York County District Attorney’s Office and the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York both allege that the defendant pharmacists and their respective pharmacies submitted false claims to Medicaid and Medicare for services not rendered.  That is, prescriptions were billed, but not filled.  In both cases, the larceny amount was in the millions.  How did the government make their cases? Continue reading

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Medicaid Fraud: Grand Larceny or Is Another Doctor Just Getting Played?

The recent June 3, 2011 indictment of Suresh Hemrajani, a Washington Heights doctor, by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, at first glance appears to be simply another Medicaid doctor accused of stealing $700,000 from Medicaid by billing and writing expensive human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prescriptions for “patients” who did not actually have AIDS.  A closer look at the allegations, however, indicates that the defendant doctor, if culpable, is really a minor player in a familiar fraud scheme known as “playing the docs.” Continue reading

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